How to Earn Huge Recurring Commissions With the SEMrush Affiliate Program

semrush affiliate program review

Have you ever wanted an affiliate program where you promote an amazing product that sells itself? A product that’s basically guaranteed to give you a monthly recurring income? Then look no further because the SEMrush affiliate program is what you need.

The SEMrush affiliate program is operated by BeRush. And as you will soon notice, we will be using the phrases ‘BeRush SEMrush affiliate program’, ‘SEMrush affiliate program’ and ‘BeRush affiliate program’ interchangeably in this review.

This review is therefore as much an SEMrush affiliate program review as it is a BeRush affiliate program review.

However, before we get into the review, let’s take a quick look at SEMrush.

SEMrush in a Nutshel

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SEMrush has over 800 specialists in four countries. Their mission is to create the best competitive intelligence solution for all digital marketing spheres.

SEMrush currently has over 5 million users worldwide.

Their keywords database contains a monumental 20 billion keywords with 140 geo databases and 710 million domains.

SEMrush is the All-in-one SEO Marketing Toolkit for bloggers and digital marketing professionals.

SEMrush has over 40 tools and is perfect for…

  • Keyword analytics
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website content optimization
  • Building backlinks from authority sites
  • And lots more..

In fact, with SEMrush, the possibilities are endless!

Now back to the review.

If you’re ready, then let’s dive straight in.

Understanding the BeRush Affiliate Program And How It Works

The BeRush affiliate program is a partnership based on revenue sharing. You as the affiliate receive commissions for sending traffic to the website.

When your referral clicks on the reference link to the SEMrush website and completes a purchase, you get paid a commission for any and every SEMrush subscription they purchase.

To help you succeed as an affiliate, BeRush provides an array of promo materials in 8 languages – English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian) Spanish and Russian.

The SEMrush affiliate program uses the “first cookie wins” attribution model with an unprecedented 10 years of cookie life! So if a user originally landed on the SEMrush website from your affiliate link, you will receive a commission on all their purchases from SEMrush, for the next 10 years. Simply astonishing!

With BeRush, you enjoy a speedy sign-up process so you can start earning recurring income. That’s because they pre-approve all affiliate applications, so it only takes a few minutes to get started!

The SEMrush Affiliate Program Review

Here are some of the awesome features of the SEMrush affiliate program:

  • The SEMrush software suite is such an amazing product that you’re basically promoting a product that sells itself. It really is that simple!
  • But perhaps more importantly, by promoting SEMrush, you’re providing insane value to your tribe. That’s because you’re helping your audience to use the best SEO tool in the world.
  • SEMrush partners earn earn a mouth-watering 40% recurring commission. This is one of the very best in the industry.
  • There’s a speedy sign-up process. All affiliate applications are pre-approved, so it only takes a few minutes to get started!
  • Payments are made twice a month on the 10th and 25th
  • Payments made via PayPal or Wire Transfer
  • There is a minimum threshold of $50 for PayPal and $1,000 for wire transfer.
  • Berush provides promo materials in 8 major languages – English, Deutsch, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish and Russian.
  • I can personally testify that the BeRush team go out of their way to help their affiliates succeed. My affiliate manager is so helpful, it’s unreal!
  • From time to time, there are incentives to help affiliates earn even more. Recent incentives include an extra $100 for every second sale, $5 for every trial activation and $200 for every Guru sale.

The SEMrush Affiliate Program Contests

BeRush has regular affiliate contests to encourage their affiliates to earn more money. Of course the competition also provide exposure for the software.

the berush contests

Monthly Contest

SEMrush and BeRush have a monthly contest where the winner receives $100. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain more exposure, recognition, and earn some income for your content.

The Big Contests

There is also the SEMrush Summer, Autumn and Winter Challenges. These offer a top prize of $1,000, MacBook and other fantastic prizes. In addition, the winners receive fantastic exposure.

As you can see from the image below, we won the first prize of $1,000 in the April to June 2020 Big Contest.


Here is a tweet from BeRush, announcing the winners!

These are the usual conditions of the contests:

  • The content must be posted online on a platform of your choosing; 
  • To enter you can write, shoot videos or create new content of any type.
  • Articles should be not less than 1000 characters long if it is in written format;
  • You must be a BeRush affiliate to participate in any of the contests; you can create your account here
  • Your entry must be original content. Please don’t copy any other person’s work!

FAQs – SEMrush Affiliate Marketing

Let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about the BeRush affiliate program.

#1. Does SEMrush run its own affiliate program?

Well, yes and no. Yes, SEMrush has an affiliate program. No, because the SEMrush affiliate program is run by BeRush.

#2. How much does SEMrush pay affiliates?

SEMrush pays its affiliates up to 40% on all sales. So as a BeRush affiliate, you earn:

  • $39.98 for Pro subscriptions
  • $79.98 for Guru subscriptions; and
  • $159.98 for Business subscriptions.

#3. How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

#4. What products are eligible for affiliate sales?

The following products are eligible for affiliate sales: SEMrush Pro, SEMrush Guru, and SEMrush Business.

#5. Who are SEMrush partners?

SEMrush partners are basically SEMrush affiliates

#6. Who are rush affiliates?

Rush affiliates are BeRush affiliates.

#7. What do I get as an affiliate?

As a BeRush affiliate, you will have your own personal BeRush account. You can log in at any time and get access to SEMrush banners and links. You will also be able to see how your reference links are performing. From your affiliate dashboard, you will be able to see the number of visits, signups sales and rebills. You will also be able to see your balance and how much money you earned.

#8. Who can qualify as an SEMrush affiliate?

Anyone who has an active website and is at least 18 year old, can apply to join BeRush as an affiliate. However, please note that certain websites are prohibited. These include websites that contain pornography, explicit language or content, violence, hate speech, promote illegal activities, gambling, coupons, bargains or discounts, violate intellectual property rights or laws, contain materials that are defamatory or libelous.

#9. I don’t have a blog or website. Can I still participate as a BeRush affiliate?

Definitely. There are other ways to promote SEmrush. For example, you can share your reference link via e-mail or post videos. You can also promote SEMrush through social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube etc.

How to Join the SEMrush Affiliate Program

As I said earlier, BeRush make it easy to join the SEMrush affiliate program. And because all affiliate applications are pre-approved, it literally only takes a few minutes to get on board!

berush affiliate program - semrush affiliate program

The SEMrush Affiliate Program – An Overview

SEMrush affiliates have opportunities to earn more a regular basis through various contests and incentives.

For instance, I have 4 different SEMrush affiliate links with customized landing pages created by the very helpful BeRush affiliate team.

  • I have the general SEMrush affiliate link
  • I also have the Pro + CI Add-On 7 day free trial SEMrush affiliate link
  • Then I have the 14 day SEMrush affiliate link
  • And finally, I have the 30 day free trial SEMrush affiliate link.

SEMrush Affiliate Review – Wrapping up

I have been a BeRush affiliate for just over 2 years and it has been a great earner for us. At the moment, most of our recurring passive income here at Astute Copy Blogging comes from the SEMrush affiliate program.

What do you think about this SEMrush affiliate program review?

Are you an affiliiate? How do you generate income on your blog?

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