Tools and Resources

Astute Copy Blogging’s Recommended Resources

The right resources at the right time can drastically change the direction of your business.

This resources page contains many of the apps, software, and other resources we are currently using to grow our online business―resources that we recommend you start using as well.

We regularly update this page as we come across new and useful online business resources, so shoot us an email if you have any questions about the resources featured below!

Setup Your WordPress BLOG in Less than 15 Minutes

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Email Service Providers


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Looking for a good email platform? Hands down, AWeber is one of my favorites. It’s powerful, easy to use, and budget friendly. With it, you can grow your email audience, automate your marketing, and earn a lot of revenue.
I also love their 24/7, US-based customer support. You can give them a quick call and get help right away from real-life email experts.

Web Hosting

web hosting,

We personally use and recommend Bluehost. They offer service packages specially optimized for WordPress users. Click here to check out their current service packages

Graphic Designs – Logo, Slogans etc 

For graphic design, we recommend 99designs. With 99designs, you can find and work with talented freelance designers online

99designs, talented freelance designers online

If your pockets are not so deep, then you can always try Fiverr. Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for services,
where you can get everything you need at an unbeatable value.

eCommerce Software

We use and recommend SendOwl for selling digital goods, subscriptions and physical products online. SendOwl connects with the payment provider so you get paid, and it automatically delivers the files to the buyers once payment has completed.  There are lots of benefits to using software for this but the main reasons are:

  • it automates a laborious manual process
  • it offers better security than manually delivering files
  • it offers a better user experience by giving the buyer access to their goods immediately rather than waiting for manual action.

These are some of the things we love about SendOwl:

  • Instant payment – they don’t hold your money. It is sent direct to your PayPal/Stripe account.
  • Monthly fixed payment – they don’t penalize you for success, so if you start making lots of money then rest assured they won’t be on your doorstep demanding a % cut.
  • Shopping cart – they make it easy for you to sell lots of products using a shopping cart.
  • Software licenses – they issue software licenses at the point of sale so you don’t need a separate license software.
  • Free trial – they offer a free 30-day trial

Go check them out and see if they are a good fit for you 🙂