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32 thoughts on “How to Create a Pinterest Account that will Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

  1. Hi Pedro,
    Pinterest is a great source of traffic if used correctly. Although I haven’t started driving massive traffic from the platform due to not focusing on Pinterest, I’m seeing incredible signs.
    This, a business profile will help you a great deal. And the tips you presented here are phenomenal and must be applied for increased ROI.

    • Hey Moss,

      Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic, but as you rightly pointed out, if used correctly! But the great thing is that using Pinterest correctly is as easy as ABC!

      Thanks for stopping by and joining our conversation.

      Keep up the awesome work at Moss Media.

      Best regards,


  2. Hey Pedro,
    Thanks for this detailed guide.
    This is my second month on Pinterest and it’s become my second source of traffic after SEO. My bloggers are killing it and I’m seeing it jumping to first position on my list of sources of traffic in the next few months.

    Thanks for the engagement on my blog earlier. There are better days ahead so let’s keep giving

    • Hey Enstine,

      Pinterest is an amazing source of quality traffic. And thank you for sharing your experience with us.
      Really glad to be able to connect with you. And thank you so much for stopping by to say ‘hello’ here at Astute Copy Blogging.

      There definitely are better days ahead.

      Let’s stay in touch 🙂

      Best regards,


  3. Hey Pedro,

    This is amazing. I think every blogger should be made aware of the benefits of Pinterest. Pinterest is great. For me, it’s more like a search engine. I started to use Pinterest a few months ago and the results are tremendous. This article is great for every Pinterest beginner who would like to get started with Pinterest. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Patrick,

      You’re absolutely spot on about everything you’ve said about Pinterest. Pinterest is simply an astonishingly great source of blog traffic. And thank you for joining our conversation and sharing your insights from your personal experience if using Pinterest in the past few months.

      Best regards,


  4. Such a great tips. Well your post is really appreciated. I have a Pinterest account but don’t use it much and didn’t know how to make it grow. Your article is really helpful here.

  5. Such a great and informative post. This can be very useful especially for those wanted to start using Pinterest for their business.

  6. Hi Pedro,
    This is exactly what I needed to read. I do have a Pinterest account, but I do need to clean it up and take it more seriously.
    I have a niche site that I share with one of my boards and it has been doing well bringing people to my site. I know I can do so much more with Pinterest, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.
    You have given such a comprehensive view of how to use Pinterest for business, that I’m raring to go!!!
    Thanks so much,

  7. Hey Pedro! I saw your comment over on Donna Merrill’s blog and wanted to come visit.

    These are great tips and I wish this article was available when I started working on Pinterest. It’s perhaps the best performing network for my baby product brand and we’re about to hit 2 million monthly viewers – all using these same strategies you lay out in this article.

    Like you recommend we use Tailwind and it has been integral to our success – hands down my favorite Pinterest tool (and their Instagram version is pretty good as well.)

    Hope more people follow the advice you shared here.. Pinterest can be very powerful when done right!

    – James McAllister

    • Hi James!

      Wow, thank you for visiting us here at Astute Copy Blogging, and joining our conversation. You’re absolutely right about Pinterest – it is an unbelievable source of high quality traffic, when done right.

      Thanks for sharing the amazing testimony of what Pinterest is doing for your baby product brand. This is hardly surprising, as Pinterest now has over 250 million activ, super engaged monthly users.

      I must return the visit over at James McAllister Online 🙂

      Best regards,


  8. Hi, Very Good Article. it. The whole article is wonderful and very helpful. Keep up the Good Work Thanks for always sharing.
    Imran Khan

    Unique Web Studio, LLC

  9. Hi Pedro,

    Thank you for writing this amazing post. I have been observing on Google search results that there is at least one result from Pinterest. I am going to try my hand at Pinterest.

    Thank you