As Irresistible As Puppies [7 Killer Lead Magnet Ideas]

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Your prospects are probably already on a hundred and one email lists, and are getting bombarded daily with advertising messages. So the last thing they want is to get more junk in their email inbox from yet another company or individual trying to sell them stuff!

That’s why it’s so critical to understand the importance of creating a compelling offer.

An offer where the perceived value outweighs any perceived risk of giving up their personal information. Put differently, the value of joining your list must be so great, it completely eclipses any potential fear or skepticism your prospect has of giving up their precious email address.

The first step to achieving this is to make a genuinely valuable offer to your prospects. Therefore, you’ve got to give them something extremely valuable in exchange for their email address. See it as a type of bribe, if you like 🙂

What you offer them is your lead magnet.

This is an important piece of your lead capture system, because your lead magnet and the follow up emails you send are going to be intricately linked.

So how do you set up this lead magnet?

Here are some ideas:

Choose One Product to Promote [Lead Magnet Design]

You may be tempted to promote multiple products, but in most cases, you’re better off focusing on promoting just one product at a time. Choose the magnet that best fits the product you intend to promote to your list. You can have multiple magnets for different aspects of your product.

You have a lot of options from which to choose, including these 14 ideas:

◉ The Audio or Video lead magnet.
◉ The EBook lead magnet.
◉ The Report or Whitepaper lead magnet.
◉ The eCourse lead magnet.
◉ The Free Sample or Discount or Free Trial lead magnet.
◉ The Cheat Sheet or Mind Map lead magnet.
◉ The Infographic lead magnet.
◉ The Free Coaching lead magnet.
◉ The Planner or Calendar lead magnet.
◉ The App lead magnet.
◉ The Gear List or Resource List lead magnet.
◉ The Live Webinar lead magnet.
◉ The Worksheet or Workbook lead magnet.
◉ The Private Group or Membership Site lead magnet.

Choose the lead magnet that best fits the product or service you intend to promote.

For example, if you’re selling a fitness guide, then a set of workout videos will be useful in leading prospects to your tripwire product.

Another example: if you’re selling business start-up information, then a set of cheat sheets might be a good bet. That’s because you can provide an overview of the process with steps and tips, but prospects need to purchase your product to get in- depth how-to information.

One more example: if you’re selling an app, then offer a “lite” version of this app as a free lead magnet.

You may also be able to offer a free trial, free sample, or discount that can be used in your online store.

What’s important is that you recognize that the submission of personal information is a kind of currency exchange. You’ve got to offer something of equal or greater value, if you want people to go through with it.

The Keys to Creating Killer Lead Magnets [Lead Magnet Checklist]

Start by:

  • Doing some market research to determine what types of products and topics are highly desirable in your niche. This is important because if people are buying a certain type of product, then you can be certain if you offer something similar as a free lead magnet, they’ll snap it up.
  • Creating your Lead Magnet around your chosen product or topic. Now it’s time to create the lead magnet with the goal of promoting the product at the end. How you create the product depends on what it is, so we won’t go too much into specifics here. Nonetheless, use these steps to create your lead magnet (keeping in mind not everything will be applicable for all types of lead magnets):

Step #1: From your research, determine the biggest challenges or problems your prospect is facing right now.

This is a straightforward question. Don’t overthink it.

For instance, you can ask yourself… “What is the biggest challenge my ideal prospect is facing right now?” Or, “What is the biggest problem my ideal prospect wants to solve right now?” The answer may be:

  • More email subscribers
  • More traffic
  • More sales

Step #2: Next, try to identify the “problem within the problem”.

Again, this is a straightforward question.

For instance, you can ask yourself…

  • “What is the one thing my prospects must put in place if they want to have more subscribers?”
  • “What is the one thing my prospects must have in place if they are to make more sales?”
  • “What is the one thing my prospects must have in place if they are to generate more traffic to their blog/website/online store?

The answer to all 3 questions will probably be…

  • The ability to generate more leads.
  • The ability to convert the leads into paying customers

Step 3: Come up with a single ultra-specific promise that provides an immediate quick fix solution to the problem or challenge.

So, now that you’re more focused on a specific challenge or problem, it’s time to come up with a single “quick fix” solution that’s super-focused on helping your niche achieve a single result. Note that:

  • A lead magnet is specific (not vague) and offers immediate results or gratification (not sometime down the road) to your potential prospects.
  • A concrete promise is what is going to get people to say,“Yes,I’m in! Here’s my email address!” and make them desperately want to get their hands on what you’re offering.
  • You must offer irresistible value if you want your prospects to remain on your list and buy from you later on.

Step #4: Choose an attractive, attention-grabbing name for your lead magnet.

For example:

  • “The 7-Step Lead Magnet Quick-Start Creation Guide”
  • “78 Headline Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Writing Headlines that Grab Your Readers by the Eyeballs”
  • “The 7 Secrets For Fast Fat Loss Every Woman Over 40 Ought to Know!”

Step #5: Find a way to create something useful yet incomplete, which naturally leads to your paid offer.

For example:

  • Offer an overview of a process in the lead magnet, and point to the paid offer to get the full details.
  • Offer tips in the lead magnet, and direct people to the main product to get the in-depth information.

Tip: Be sure you’re creating a high-quality product. You want to make a great impression so people will buy from you again.

Step #6: Start simultaneously planning your follow-up emails.

Everyone who requests your lead magnet should also get a series of emails which aim to promote the tripwire product. So, think about what sorts of additional tips and useful advice you can send to those who already possess the lead magnet.

Step #7: Insert at least one strong call to action (CTA) and a link.

If it’s a big product, like an eBook, you might insert a CTA at the beginning, middle and end. If it’s small product, like a cheat sheet, then insert one CTA at the end. For example:

  • Now that you know how to set up your mailing list, you’ll want to open an account with the most reliable and trusted email service provider bar none. Click here to get started…
  • You just discovered seven ways to boost your metabolism. These tips alone will easily help you lose those first five to ten pounds. But if you have more weight to lose, then you’re going to want to check out the diet guide that over 3500 people trust to lose weight safely and effectively. Click here to find out what this diet can do for you…
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Lead Magnet Ideas – Now Your Turn!

As a blogger or other online entrepreneur, you need a huge email list. If you don’t have a list or don’t understand why you need one, go check out this helpful article.

Need help setting up a killer lead magnet? If you need help with any of the following:

QUESTIONS: Do you use lead magnets? If so, how well do they convert? Would you describe your lead magnets as killer magnets? If not, what improvements can you make? Click here to leave your comment.

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    3. Hi Pedro,

      This process of lead magnets are wonderful. When we are dealing with so many emails we have to make sure our offer is compelling. Just like a cute little puppy dog, it has to be something they want to open first.
      Giving something valuable is key! It has to be something that they can use or learn from. I like the list you have given as examples…spot on!
      It all comes down to giving a solution to a problem. We don’t have to over think things, but rather know what people need and fulfill it.
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      If anyone still isn’t building their list, they need to get up with the times and definitely follow this 7-step process.

      Good job.

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      • Hi Andrew,

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    7. Excellent advice Pedro. I found adding that clear, strong call to action made wonders for both growing my email list and for boosting my blogging sales. Like magic. I asked people to do one thing, peppering in a power verb. Folks did it. The power of clarity wins again, as it always does.

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    11. Awesome write up. And so insightful. I think sometimes we get lost in the facade of our blogs and don’t concentrate enough on conversion of leads and what to do with the new information. We really should look at our analytics and ensure we can tailor our responses.

    12. I’m glad I read this. I have maybe one or two that have signed up for My email list. I’m not sure how to increase those numbers for more subscribers. This post was very helpful.

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    15. Hi Pedro,
      This article is so timely for me. I am in the middle of creating a new product and need to develop a lead magnet for it. I am putting together video modules and some text. But that is the easy part lol.
      Now I have to come up with a compelling headline, like yours here for example that made me open up your article because who doesn’t like puppies?
      You have made a wonderful check list of what needs to be done in order to market properly.
      I’m so glad you included emails. Some will get everything done but forget that part and it only makes things more difficult to do. When having all the above figured out, right down to the emails we are going to send afterwards, it makes marketing easier to do.
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