SiteGround Hosting Review 2020 – Plus 67% Discount!

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SiteGround. Remember the name. Because sooner or later you will need a SiteGround hosting review.

Here is what I mean.

I recently switched from Bluehost to SiteGround as my web hosting provider for this blog. To help me make an informed decision, I needed a SiteGround hosting revie.

And in this article, I show why I switched to SiteGround web hosting, and why you should consider switching too, if you’re not already with SiteGround!

SiteGround Hosting Review

This is a SiteGround hosting review which takes the format of a Q&A. And in this review, I answer some of the most commonly asked questions about SiteGround.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight in…

Q: What is SiteGround?

A: SiteGround Hosting is a web hosting provider that helps you start easy, build fast, and grow strong! It offers its users multiple hosting options. From humble beginnings, it has grown to become one of the most popular, and most innovative web hosting companies. And for your peace of mind, SiteGround offers a 30-day money back guarantee, with a full SiteGround refund of whatever you paid. With SiteGround, website migration or transfer is free for your first website on the GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

Q: Is SiteGround any good?

A: Here are 3 reasons why I believe SiteGround is amazing.

They are faster than most.

Always the Hottest Speed Technologies! Latest web hosting speed technologies are their passion at SiteGround. It does not matter if it is faster hardware, an innovative network architecture or a new software solution. If there is something that can make your website faster, they will be among the first to implement it.

SSD drives on all plans! Files and databases on all of their shared hosting plans are stored on cutting-edge Solid State Drive technology. SSDs provide for a 1000x increase in input/output operations as compared to regular drives. SSD drives are included in all shared and cloud plans.

They use NGINX web server technology to speed up the load of the static content of all the websites we host. Also, for the most popular applications — WordPress, Joomla and Drupal we have also built our own caching mechanism based on NGINX reverse proxy. It speeds up dramatically the serving of the dynamic content of the sites too. Their SuperCacher also allows website speed optimization through memcached.

They are safer with more uptime. 

SiteGround provides handcrafted solutions for an incredible 99.99% uptime. They have always been pioneers in inventing their own advanced web hosting security solutions. They have minimized the downtime risk to levels which they say, companies, relying on the available mass solutions, could never achieve.

The SiteGround platform is built on top of the cutting edge LXC (Linux containers) technology. They have chosen to use LXC, because it is extremely resource efficient, highly elastic and provides great stability in times of unexpected traffic spikes. Their in-house created server monitoring is another piece of art of the SiteGround DevOps team. It is extremely lightweight and can check the server status far more often than standard monitoring systems. It not only detects current issues and fixes them immediately, but is also able to foresee upcoming problems and to take actions to prevent them.

Their support is better than most. 

  • SiteGround provides expert hosting support that their customers love
  • The SiteGround Customer Care team is among the highest-rated support squads online. They are fast, multi-skilled and super helpful.
  • Available 24/7 – By phone, SiteGround chat, ticket
  • Proficient & Friendly – Always eager to help
  • Extremely Fast – Quick pickup & resolutionh
  • Top-Rated – Customer satisfaction

Q: Is SiteGround better than Bluehost?

A: The internet is awash with Bluehost reviews showing customer dissatisfaction. In our view, SiteGround easily wins against Bluehost and is the best choice for hosting your Shared, WordPress, or Cloud websites. 

SiteGround’s performance, reliability, uptime, features, and support are far better than anything Bluehost has to offer. This view is shared by most SiteGround users, reviews of SiteGround web hosting, reviews of SiteGround, SiteGround web hosting reviews, SiteGround reviews, SiteGround customer reviews and SiteGround WordPress hosting review.

Q: Is SiteGround fast?

A: SiteGround is a popular shared hosting provider that offers its users multiple different hosting options. Overall, SiteGround ranks near the top of all web hosting companies for both uptime (99.99%) and speeds (713ms). Their customer support team is knowledgeable, fast, and friendly.

Q: Is SiteGround better than GoDaddy?

A: SiteGround has more powerful and technical features than GoDaddy. Both SiteGround and Godady have domain registration. However, GoDaddy has website building included. This all-in-one convenience is not available in SiteGround.

Q: How much does SiteGround cost?

A: SiteGround has three shared hosting initial subscription options. With my SiteGround hosting link, you can start off with a 67% discount with prices ranging from $3.95 per month for the StartUp plan, to $11.95 per month for the GoGeek plan. Please be aware that upon renewal, the SiteGround renewal price will increase to between $11.95 and $34.95 per month.

SiteGround hosting plans (in pounds sterling)

Q: Does SiteGround charge monthly?

A: Like most web hosting companies, it is not possible to set up monthly payments if you want to use SiteGround for your hosting plans. Although payment is calculated monthly, payment is required yearly in advance.

Q: Which SiteGround plan is best?

A: This depends on your requirements and your budget. But, as you might guess, you get the most SiteGround hosting features with GoGeek, and the least with StartUp. Startup is the cheapest Siteground shared hosting plan.

However, GoGeek (which we use for our blog) is the most expensive plan and for good reason too. It’s the plan that offers the best value for money.

Q: Does SiteGround sell domain names?

A: You can order unlimited number of domains with your Siteground hosting account. New domain names can be registered from your User Area -> Add Services -> Register A Domain. In case you wish to transfer an existing domain name to your SiteGround account, you can check >>this tutorial.

Q: What Does SiteGround Domain Cost?

A: The SiteGround plans don’t include a domain name. You’ll be asked to pay for it separately. For example, a .com domain name will cost you $15.95 per year, while a .net domain is $17.95 yearly. If you want a domain name, it will cost you $19.95 a year.

Q: How good is the SiteGround webmail?

A: SiteGround provides a reliable email service. Period. The SiteGround email is a free email service with all plans. The use of webmail is simply awesome. You can create an unlimited number of email accounts with your own website domain at no extra cost. There’s no such thing as SiteGround email limit, so go ahead and create professional email addressees. They show you how to access webmail using a friendly webmail interface.

You can check your email from anywhere with their friendly webmail clients. With the SiteGround email setup, you can create forwarders and autoresponders, and more. The SiteGround email server settings allow for SiteGround email hosting that’s easy to use. They’ve also added SpamExperts to protect you from SPAM.

Q: Do I need to transfer my domain to SiteGround?

A: If you have a domain that is not registered with SiteGround, you will need to contact your current registrar to unlock it. The EPP key is required when transferring .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .us domain names. It is not possible to initiate a domain name transfer for these domains without an EPP code.

Q: How do I transfer my domain from Wix to SiteGround?

A: To transfer your domain from Wix to a SiteGround, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Wix account.
  2. Go to Subscriptions.
  3. Click Domains in the dropdown.
  4. Choose the relevant domain.
  5. Select the Advanced tab.
  6. Choose Transfer away from Wix.
  7. Click Send Code.

Q: How do I unlock a domain for transfer?

A: In order to be able to transfer your domain name to another registrar, you need to first unlock your domain name. Domain names registered through SiteGround can be easily locked/unlocked from the Customer Area. Go to the My Account section (from where you can access your SiteGround cpanel) and click on the Manage button next to the domainname you need to unlock.

Q: What is the best hosting for WordPress?

A: These are the top 5 web hosting providers

  1. SiteGround Web Hosting — Click here >>> to Claim your 67% SiteGround Discount
  2. iPage Webd Hosting — Click here >>> to Claim your exclusive 82% iPage Discount
  3. Bluehost web hosting — Click here >>> to Claim your special Bluehost intro offer and 30-day money-back guarantee.
  4. HostGator web hosting
  5. GoDaddy web hosting

Q: How do I cancel SiteGround?

A: With the legendary SiteGround customer service, I doubt you will have any SiteGround complaints. However, you can easily cancel or transfer your account. Account cancellation requests are processed directly through your SiteGround User Area. Please log into your User Area, go to the Billing section and click on Cancel Services. Select the service that you wish to cancel and follow the cancellation steps.

SiteGround hosting review – Now your turn

Have you ever used SiteGround web hosting? Do you have any experience of SiteGround customer service? Please feel free to join the conversation on SiteGround hosting review, by leaving a comment below. Bear in mind that your comment may be the answer to somebody else’s question. And I will do my utmost to answer any questions.

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