Your Guide to the Best Competitive Intelligence Tools

best competitive intelligence tools

The best competitive intelligence tools help you uncover and analyze the digital footprints of your competitors.

Is this legal? Absolutely!

Why would you do this?

To grow your business. Perhaps even gain an advantage!

Knowledge is power. And with this invaluable data, you can find gaps, and refine your business and marketing strategy. You may even be inspired to either match or outperform the competition.

In this article I’ve carefully selected 10 of the best competitive intelligence tools currently available. My choice is based on the most powerful and versatile CI tools with a track record of providing the most valuable and up to date data.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Rank In Google Without Backlinks

The Ultimate Guide on How to Rank in Google Without Backlinks - how do I get my website to rank higher on google

There are 67,000 Google searches every second. The Google search engine offers a powerful tool for businesses to promote their products and services. In order to rank in Google searches, you need an effective SEO campaign that includes several actionable strategies.

Many brands receive great search engine rankings when they achieve backlinks. Backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites that lead back to your website. Since other websites are linking to your site, this tells Google you are a reputable website.

But do you need backlinks? There are still other strategies you can use. Here’s how to rank in Google without backlinks and more facts to know.

SEO Certification Through Free Online Courses

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There is a huge debate about SEO certification. Is it worth the paper it is printed on? Or does it depend on who issues the certification?

This is what I mean:

Does it matter who is behind the certification? For instance, will it make a difference if you received a Google SEO certification?

Let me give you a moment to think about that.

For what it’s what, let me point that an SEO certification is evidence of your training and skills as an SEO professional. It authenticates and validates you as a certified SEO professional. And it should have pride of place on your CV, LinkedIn profile and mantelpiece.

But first, what is SEO and why does it matter?


SEO For Bloggers: 48 Experts Share Website Optimization Tips

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This is the truth. The SEO truth, and nothing but the truth. When it comes to SEO for bloggers, success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and patience.

This is particularly true for beginner and intermediate bloggers for various reasons. In reality, there is a huge knowledge and resource gap between these group, and the top bloggers who run the best SEO blogs.

To bridge this gap in knowledge, we reached out to SEO experts around the world for their best advice on SEO for bloggers.

Our request was an instant hit! 

We received 144 responses from SEO royalty. The brightest and best SEO brains! Out of these we selected the 48 most outstanding, insightful and practical blog SEO tips for search engine and website optimization.

The result?

An SEO feast fit for SEO royalty. 

Let’s break that down…

Taking the expertise of these 48 SEO specialists, we produced a monumental 48-course SEO treat, created with the finest SEO ingredients. An article full of insightful, practical and actionable Tips and Tricks to help you avoid the Tics and Trips, and ensure you rank highly on Google.

Ready? Let’s dive straight in!


Blog SEO: How To Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content

Here is the fun bit.

12 Pro Bloggers Reveal How They Make A Living Blogging

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It’s okay. You can admit it. You’ve recently been asking yourself if you can make a living blogging. I know because most bloggers fantasize about the freedom that comes with making a living from blogging.

Sadly, many bloggers don’t make a cent from their blogs. And with an estimated 152 million blogs worldwide, there is no shortage of guides and tutorials about how to make a living blogging.

But here’s what makes this one different:

Success leaves clues.

Tony Robbins

Les Brown, acclaimed motivational speaker, put it this way, “Whatever area you are interested in, find people who have mastered it, and follow their example because success leaves clues.”

So we reached out to successful online entrepreneurs who’ve been there, done that and have the t-shirt. We connected with 12 successful pro bloggers who run some of the top money making blogs in the world. We asked them to tell us their #1 blueprint for making a living from blogging. Some of them answered the question, Can you really make money blogging? Others mentioned the blog niches that make money and the types of blogs that make money.

They all spoke from the heart, and we were amazed by what they said. It was refreshing, compelling, practical and down to earth. Although accomplished pro bloggers ourselves, we learnt a lot from them. And we decided to share their insight and wisdom with you in this blog post.

Here is what they said:

30 Experts Reveal How To Make Money Online During Lockdown

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How do you offer insane value to your audience? And at the same time, make money online during a lockdown caused by a global pandemic? With a third of the world in lockdown, self-quarantine and self-isolation because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), can one actually make money online?

In any major economic disruption, some industries will struggle while others will thrive. This global pandemic caused by the coronavirus lockdown is no exception. At the moment many businesses are struggling, but online businesses are flourishing. Examples include remote working tools and platforms such as Zoom. Online tutoring is also booming because hundreds of millions of kids are at home.

Dark as it may currently appear, there is a silver lining. Fashion legend, Giorgio Armani put it this way in an interview with Forbes on March 16 2020, “It’s too early to evaluate the long-term economic impact, which will surely be significant. But history teaches us that new opportunities are born from the deepest moments of crisis.” I couldn’t agree more!


Here is what is really interesting. Most people are turning to the internet for solutions. They are going online for answers. Therefore, having an online presence is essential. And eagle eyed entrepreneurs are beginning to spot monumental opportunities to make a difference and make money online.

Let’s be clear.

Hidden Opportunities Within the Coronavirus Pandemic for Bloggers

Hidden Opportunities Within the Coronavirus Pandemic for Bloggers, coronavirus, covid-19, coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus disease pandemic. Can anything good come out of this? The short answer is yes!

About 75 years ago, Napoleon Hill, best selling author of “Think and Grow Rich”, famously said, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

I agree with Hill, and believe the current pandemic caused by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is no exception. Why do I say that? Because in life you will always face a series of God-ordained opportunities, brilliantly disguised as problems, adversity and challenges.
As I write, about one third of the world is in lockdown. That is about 2.5 billion people around the world unable to leave their homes except for essentials. Sadly, many of them will be out of work by the time the pandemic is over. 

SEO For Dummies: What Is SEO And How It Works

what is seo and how it works, seo for dummies,

SEO 101. SEO for dummies. This is as easy as it gets when it comes to understanding what SEO is. It is also the answer to the question: What is SEO and how it works? And in a minute we will unpack the SEO acronym and provide some practical, easy to follow, blog SEO tips to help your blog rank high on Google.

But first…

It’s one of blogging‘s biggest frustrations: Knowing that Google and other search engines are sending millions of visitors to blogs around the world. But hardly any to yours.

That’s right. Almost 100 billion searches are made on Google for services, content and products every month. And the top 3 positions on Google receive 75.1% of all clicks. 


How to Monetize a Website in 2020 (The Definitive Guide)

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Be honest. You’re excited. You’d love to know how to monetize a website. But you’re also skeptical.

Not whether websites can be monetized, I mean the evidence is all around you. No, you’re skeptical about whether you can monetize a website. And I don’t mean a few hundred dollars a month. I mean thousands of dollars. Maybe tens of thousands.

Well, I used to be the same.

Sure, I could see that websites could be profitable, but mine? That was a different story. Finally, I got fed up watching people around me making money. So I researched and read. A lot. But nothing changed.

Once I put my skepticism on hold, however, and tried some simple methods to make money with a website, everything changed.

How to Make Money with Clickfunnels ® – The Ultimate Guide

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Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Shall I let you into a dirty little secret? One of the first things I learnt as an online entrepreneur, is how to make money with Clickfunnels ®. That’s because with Clickfunnels you can do a whole bunch of amazing things.

But first…

It’s actually kind of disturbing. Isn’t it?